Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meeting Milan

Alright, I've been too lazy to type in English; even though, in this blog, I meant the articles in both languages to be balanced in number. Anyway; thanks to the fun layover we've spent in Milano, Italy with Cpt. Magar and an equally fun cabin crew, I had the power to dust off my english.

What makes a trip good is mostly the people you spend time with, isn't it? That's perfectly why the sixteen hour free time we had between the two flights (from Istanbul and back) was so much of a delight (not to forget the warm spring weather). The colorful personalities of both the captain and the cabin crew (and I, humbly) created a nice friendship to wander around the beautiful streets in Italy's city of history and arts. Unfortunately, though, the needs of resting and other stuff left us only a handful of hours outside the hotel, so all we could see was some major streets, the magnificent "Duomo di Milano" and the "Piazza Del Duomo", the square where Duomo cathedral was built on.

A small confession here: I could never be so much of an informed kind of tourist, if you ever call this a touristic trip. In such a city with so much details to be astonished with, I spent most of my time watching the buildings and the artistic details they have, instead of checking tourist guides to have a clue about their names or historical background. So I usually have a few to tell my friends about what I've seen when I get back from a trip. But I'm still trying, you know... Whatever!

The weather was neither hot nor cold, just sunny, making it perfect to take a walk around. Luckily, we have arrived quite early, so we had a chance to have proper sleep before the breakfast. Plus, a small run in the station to catch the train wiped out all of our numbness... a tourist's approach to morning exercise. We were in the city center right at noon.

After passing by a large, nice castle and some guys dressed up like statues of some kinds of medieval knights, trying desparately to convince us to take photos with them; we made it to the main walking street full of shops. By the end of the street were the Piazza Del Duomo and the huge cathedral waiting for us. Here's my only solid knowledge about Milano: The cathedral Duomo is the second largest cathedral in Europe and it took around 600 years to be erected. Having a chance to visit it, one can tell it was really a gorgeous piece of art. Apart from its size, there literally was no inchsquare of stone without an artistic ornament, a relief or whatever these figures are called. Inside, the main hall was no different but being full of colors, paintings and gold works.

After seeing the main hall, we followed other visitors to make our way up to the roof. The climb was long and a bit tiring in the claustrophobically narrow stairway, crowded with tourists. The roof also consisted of a complex pattern of connected buildings. After some more stairs and narrow paths, all surrounded by statues of angels, christian saints etc. The final stop there was a bigger one which had a nice view of the square and the surrounding streets. Some parts of the cathedral were still under some kind of restoration, so we couldn't see those parts. Do they even give that building a break after 600 years??

The rest of the day was as usual; eating, heading back to the hotel, shower and dressing up for the flight. The cabin people were all smiling and, as it seemed to me, more eager to work. The cockpit was no different. With all that positive atmosphere, the flight was nice and easy. I guess we set a good example for the CRM that day...

Special thanks to Cpt. Magar and my dear friends from the cabin crew, for allowing to post these photos 8)

Milano'dan dönüş öncesi Airbus HatıRası. Dönüş ekibimizde bir de şefimiz mevcut.



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