Friday, October 5, 2012

Lillian's First Flight Experience

I enjoyed a chat with Lillian this morning, a cheerful senior lady working in FIT, about her first flight experience fifty years ago. Melted in a small portion of a life story, it was very exciting to listen. How she thought earlier that the "father" didn't want his sons to fly because he would have given them wings otherwise, yet how she had to change her mind and convince herself to buy a plane ticket when she had to move to New York from her birthplace which was twenty one hours away by bus... the entire story of this spiritual lady had many to learn from. The best part, however, was her description of her feelings rising up as the plane slowly moved on the taxiway, lined up on the runway; then speeded up with engines roaring and finally started climbing. It was a short story of a wise person coming up with her fear and finding a way to turn it into a joyful experience.

That also made me think about people struggling to grab a seat in the business class and still complaining; while listenning to this lady telling with shining eyes about how wonderful she felt during that simple flight fifty years ago. She was modest and content; yet thankful even for this small gift life has given to her. Such a lesson!

I think i'm on the right job...

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