Monday, August 27, 2012

Mornings in "Simulated" Winter!

At where I'm coming from, which will probably be called as my "base" when I can finally start my job, the summers are hot and winters are cold. Here in Florida, obviously this is not the case. I haven't worn a jacket more than three times for 18 months.

I love sleeping and rarely in the mood when being have to get up early. Something, therefore, I really hated in winters back in Istanbul was that it was extra hard for me to wake up. The sunlight came up late, sky's cloudy and the worst... brr!... it was always cold outside the bed! One might think that this is, again, not the case for me here in Florida; but no, unfortunately not in my dorm room. Since the last time I asked maintainance to fix the a/c system which is the only means of ventilation in our rooms, I've been living in winter conditions even in the sunshine state. The old a/c system supplying the whole floor has unfortunately no temperature control and you really don't want to stay in your room without it working. So, this was as hard as it was in Istanbul this morning, even to get my ass out of bed to check weather on the computer, ask my instructor to delay my flight, take a leak and go back to bed for an extra couple of hours' rest. Looking at the bright side, this seems to be acting as a daily set of adaptation sessions before I leave back to my country... hopefully in a couple of weeks.


I wish Isaac didn't choose such an inconvenient time to bust the weather. I'd been waiting so long for my commercial checkride and this could be a perfect week to kick it out of my way... Bummer!

Isaac over Melbourne! Not a cool day for flying...

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